31 March, 2009

23 March, 2009


  1. Pick up all dog poop in backyard
  2. Hang up glass message boards in kitchen
  3. Replace broken light bulb in pantry
  4. Install wall heaters (2 in Ls room, 1 in ours)
  5. Install Wii Yoga

22 March, 2009

5 Bands/Singers I Can Do Without...

  1. Mariah Carey (I wouldn't even call this singing!)
  2. Nirvana (can't understand a word they are saying, and their music is messy)
  3. Pearl Jam (same as 2.)
  4. Enya (doesn't she publish the same album over and over again??)
  5. Tori Amos (never got her, sorry!)

20 March, 2009


We miss them already! Driving back from Golden into Calgary - frustrating! Leaving the se beauties behind gets harder every year... but we made it through and landed safely in the flat Midwest!

13 March, 2009

Kicking Horse - Day 2 through 5

We had a scary day on Tuesday, when L. fainted on the cat track and was unconscious for a couple of minutes. We are still not quite sure why she just lost it, but she seems to be fine and she was on the board again the next day. Maybe she didn't eat enough that morning - that's our guess! On Tuesday it was sunny and gorgeous, but still cold. I got to ski one round and then spent my day at the hospital, where they monitored L. In the evening we met with A. and Si. at Eleven22.

I got to spend my Wednesday with J. He is such a nice guy, but I think he pushed me a little too far. My legs hurt like crazy after he day was over (fear=leaning back=sore legs). so I was happy that I had St. all day Thursday, half day today and tomorrow morning I'll also meet up with him. I was very comfortable with St. and am thinking of skiing with him ONLY! I did moguls today - not perfect, but I wasn't scared shitless! Actually, although I fell a couple of times, it wasn't bad at all. So, St. is a safe bet for lessons! Plus, my legs are not killing me!

We are supposed to be at A.'s house in 3 minutes, but due to connection failures, I can neither get a hold of him, nor P. So I'm hoping he is not cooking up a big meal and we are a no-show... :(

I'll post some pics later, since there is something wrong with the USB drive of the laptop.

10 March, 2009

Kicking Horse - Day 1

So, we got to Golden, BC on Sunday evening and had a great dinner at the Corks with our friend A. Unfortunately Si. didn't make it ( he wasn't feeling so well... he had to celebrate a successful racing day ;). But we saw Si. last night, again at Corks.

It was -17*C on the bottom yesterday, and very foggy. On the top it was nice though, so I heard - I haven't made it all the way up yet. But today it is gorgeous and sunny down here. Am not sure how cold it is though. I'll go up with St. today and will see how it is myself!

Here is the view from my bedroom window (yesterday):

07 March, 2009


I just wrote a list with things to pack for my skiing vacation and noticed, that my toiletries outweigh all clothes and shoes I'm going to take with me (even ski gear!). This is what I wrote down so far:
  1. Shampoo & Conditioner
  2. Hair lotion + Oil
  3. Comb + Rubber bands + Clips
  4. Straightening Iron
  5. Shower Gel
  6. Deodorant
  7. Moisturizer, Night Creme, Eye cream, Night Serum
  8. Cleansing Lotion
  9. Make-up (Eyeliner, Rouge, Lipstick)
  10. Hand lotion
  11. Energizing Skin Oil
  12. Contact lenses (CL)
  13. CL Saline Solution
  14. CL container
  15. Glasses
  16. Nail clipper + file
  17. Asthma meds
  18. Skin ointment
  19. Toothbrush + paste + floss
  1. Ski clothes (pants, jacket, underwear, socks)
  2. Underwear, Socks, Braws
  3. Jeans
  4. Sweaters + Shirts
  5. Payamas
  6. Running shoes
  7. Dress shoes
  8. Ski boots

05 March, 2009

List Of What You Would Do With A Million Dollars

I would donate whatever is left to Greenpeace...

03 March, 2009

My Relaxing Morning...

... waiting for our doors to be delivered. My sweet Lili is relaxing in front of the (old) door, enjoying her morning without the boys (who are with hubby at the vet's). I am eating Muesli with Blueberries and Strawberry Yogurt and drinking a cup of Mate Tea. Yum!