10 March, 2009

Kicking Horse - Day 1

So, we got to Golden, BC on Sunday evening and had a great dinner at the Corks with our friend A. Unfortunately Si. didn't make it ( he wasn't feeling so well... he had to celebrate a successful racing day ;). But we saw Si. last night, again at Corks.

It was -17*C on the bottom yesterday, and very foggy. On the top it was nice though, so I heard - I haven't made it all the way up yet. But today it is gorgeous and sunny down here. Am not sure how cold it is though. I'll go up with St. today and will see how it is myself!

Here is the view from my bedroom window (yesterday):


  1. ... da bekommt man ja Lust mitzufahren.

  2. that is so amazing...we are so jealous. I can't believe you are right at the slopes.