30 April, 2009

Update on my cleanse

I am without coffee and sugar now for a week and a half and so far I've hated every day of it. I've had migraines a good week into the cleanse and am still feeling tired and bitchy every afternoon. I'm happy that I kicked the coffee and sugar habit (mine was minimal, though!), but I am not feeling my best YET!


  1. That sounds so scary..if somebody like you, who hasn't been that much coffee and sugar is going through an actual physical withdraw, how bad would it be for real addicts...this shit can't be good for our body! Yeah to you for getting rid of it...

  2. I think, if you would do it slowly, your system wouldn't be as shocked! So this has been a weird experience, but I must say, I feel pretty awesome now! No headaches, no sugar attacks today and no body aches, even after running this morning! So, I will not go back to drinking coffee :), but something sweet once in a while...