09 February, 2009


Okay, so here we go again; my asthma is getting worse and I have been using the cortisone cream frequently for my hands. So, it is time for my restrictive diet again... this time I WILL do 80% vs. 100% (because it is so hard to stay away from all the bad stuff!). Since I am a vegetarian, I already do not eat meat and eggs, plus I don't drink milk. This special diet requires a lot of commitment and disciplines, which I actually have, and it also is good for cleansing and loosing a few pounds :) So, no wheat (gluten), no dairy, no sugar, no citrus fruit; at least until March!

I have some substitutes that work really well:
  • Agave Nectar instead of sugar
  • Hemp Chocolate Milk (sweetened with Agave or Rice Syrup) instead of regular milk
  • Blueberries instead of chocolate
  • Gnocchi instead of pasta (watch out for added wheat flour!)
  • Millet bread instead of regular bread

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