24 February, 2009

Spring 'N Bling

Today, I opened my windows to let the mild air come in and fill my house and I found more Spring flowers and yellow pots. And I found sun flowers! They look really good in our "Bling" water bottles (we splurged on at Christmas dinner!). Spring 'N Bling, baby!


  1. nice to meet you! thanks for the visit! Chicago, eh? I lived there several years in grad school then as a teacher and met my missus there AND have a teapot accepted for exhibition at Chiaroscuro in Watertower in April.....anyway, I shall have a look around here and your other blog!

  2. Nice! Let me know when it gets there and I'll check on it ;)
    Chicago is NOT my favorite place at this time of year... Unfortunately we get a taste of Spring every so often and then it turns around in a hurry and slaps us with more snow and cold. But I guess you had your share of that when you lived here :)