07 February, 2009

My wish for Valentine's Day:

Porn for Women Fantasy Coupons
Redeemable for the Love, Affection, and Housework You Deserve From The Cambridge Women

6-3/4 x 3 in; 30 pp ; 30 sheets (15 designs repeating twice)
Published in August, 2008
ISBN 9780811864404
ISBN10 0811864405


Porn for Women Fantasy Coupons -- Forget IOUs, what women really need are You Owe Me's. Now she can make it perfectly clear what she wants, when she wants it by dishing out these 30 vouchers for pampering, attention, and chores. A complimentary load of laundry, flowers for no reason, serious snuggle sessions—everything she desires . . .and deserves.

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