28 December, 2008


People who know me do know, that I am NOT (and I repeat: NOT!!) a church-going, Jesus-loving, blindly-following individual, but actually a free spirit, who has her own philosophy about life and death and whatever comes with living a conscious and happy life. BUT I thought for the new year, it would be great if I could listen in on the many men and women who do not follow their own brains, but let themselves be led to... well, to whatever people need/want to be led to, I guess. Maybe I can collect and borrow different things from all these religions out there and use it in my own little humble way...?! After all, isn't this what America is all about?

I cannot count anymore the numerous times, people have invited me to their church. From "You will feel so welcomed and at home!" over "It is so great to walk on God's path!" to "It saved my life, I was a drug-addict and almost died!" - I've heard it all! It seems like people get saved by Jesus all the time here in the States. Whereas people in Germany turn away from organized religion, in the US there seems to be some kind of magical transformation going on... I don't quiet get it, to be honest. I like to make up my own mind and think for myself, without consulting an ancient book and applying it to today's problems... wait, I should write: without consulting an ancient book and applying it WORD-FOR-WORD, in its' old meaning, to today's problems.

Maybe I'll find out more at The Chapel, our local mega-church (can I say that? or will I upset all the "God Is Real!" bumper sticker owners?):

Sunday 01.04
12:15PM Meet the Chapel at Libertyville

Come join us for lunch at Meet The Chapel in the second floor lobby. It is a casual, friendly and fun way to meet our pastors, hear about the history & future vision of The Chapel, and meet other newcomers. Childcare is provided.

Thomas McArthur

[to be continued...]

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