31 December, 2008

Special Candlelight Yoga and Meditation practice from 6pm-8pm

Meet me for our special Candlelight Yoga and Meditation practice from 6pm-8pm. This is a sweet practice dedicated to deep contemplation, self-love and meditation. It is a perfect "date" night for yourself alone but also appropriate for your partner and family members to enjoy.
I mentioned to my hubby yesterday, that I was considering going to Yoga this early evening and he looked at me with wide eyes and said: "But... but it is NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!" I guess what he really tried to tell me was "Baby, it is time to let it roll, it is time to drink and be drunk and PARTYYY!!! What the heck do you wanna do Yoga for if you can have a wild time?!" (I have to add: [wild time] with the mother-in-law *yawn*). So I told him "Baby, it is New Year's Eve! Time to reflect on the old year, time to think about the new one! And I'll be back at 8:30 to party!

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