30 December, 2008

Putting a price on procrastination

I just read this article on CNN.com:
Putting a price on procrastination
and find it a very good idea!

Goals on StickK.com range from the practical "stop biting nails" to the ambitious "successful startup" to the competitive "lose weight faster than Nate" to the creative "speaking more slowly to foreigners in NYC."

Wow! Somebody even put up $50,000 to loose weight... If people take it THAT seriously, procrastination must really be a burden. Although, I have to say I really enjoy it sometimes. Of course it always comes back to haunt me (for example when I turn in my taxes in August and I not only have to pay a hefty fee, but my accountant looks at me like I am out of my mind! Of course I procrastinated calling him back all these months as well...)... Maybe I should join the movement and give all my tax return money to StickK.com?!

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