08 January, 2009

10 things that make me happy:

(not in this order, but however it comes to mind)

#1: empty studio early in the morning
(a little creepy being in that basement of a studio so early, all by myself, but how great is it to spread out, work without having to talk to somebody - or listen, for that matter - and hum to yourself!)

#2: my kids
(there were times when they were like siamese twins, but lately they were like an old married couple, nagging, bitching, and swearing at each other. thank goodness their seperate boarding schools have tought them how much they actually like one another :)

#3: skiing in the canadian rockies
(i always thought beach vacations with tons of sun, sand, and ocean are the non plus ultra - until my husband took me to canada 3 years ago. i skied for the first time and from this time on, no more boring beach vacations but skiing, skiing, skiing ANY day!!)

#4: my hubby
(i know he doesn't like the movie theater and would rather watch a DVD at home, but he goes because he knows i love it and that makes me happy - even though we do not watch the movies i would REALLY like to see...)

#5: downtown
(it's such a cool city and there is so much to see; Chicago to me is culture, art, diverse, classy, calm, rich, clean, friendly, cute, beautiful, hot, full of life, entertaining)

#6: muesli in the morning
(lots of fresh berries, top with a spoonful or two of muesli - with chocolate! - and mix with your favorite joghurt)

#7: omega 3
(my favorite foods: raw or smoked salmon, avocado, strawberries, and peanut butter)

#8: my bed
(since we travel a lot it always feels good to come back home! and our tempurpedic mattress is awesome!)

#9: massages
(i have the best massage therapist out there - and the best cure against stress. i tell him that he is better than a whole week of yoga and i mean it!)

#10: my living room
(we built an addition to our old living room and now our kitchen/dining/living room are covered in glass, with huge glass doors. this summer was such an awesome one, simply because outside was inside pretty much - except for the mosquitoes!)


  1. I need the number of your massage therapist, and ...I eat Muesli in the morning as well: berries, yoghurt, milk, nuts...but never thought of putting chocolate in it...well sometimes cacoa, but chocolate? But I love trying new things!

  2. chocolate chip muesli is the best! and if you can't get that, just put chocolate chips in your bowl - a handful will do :)