08 January, 2009

Money, money, money....

I just had a brilliant thought come to my mind! Since it is always SO stressful to buy new things (unpack, give it a new designated place, recycle the package, throw out the old, etc.) I'll just try to NOT buy anything new for as long as I really do not need it! How smart is that? That'll also go for my coffee (which I'm almost out of, BUT I've been wanting to switch to Green Tea for the longest time!), groceries (my fridge is packed and my pantry overstuffed!), toiletries (thanks Aveda, for making 2 liter bottles of cream cleanser :)), and I'll only have Starbuck's if I bring my own cup! This will exclude dog food (I have three large(r) breed dogs, who are aweful when hungry!). Let's see how far I'll get with this!

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