13 January, 2009


We went into the Swatch Watch Shop downtown on Saturday and looked at their new line of watches (so cute!). They had 4 salespeople in the store and two of them were "talking movie stars"...

Salesman: "I just LOVE Leonardo DiCaprio! If you can imagine him being in Titanic... ugh, that makes me sick, but it was his, like, big break through!"
Saleswoman: "Yeah, him and Kate Winslet... SO amazing!"
Salesman: "Yeah, but LEO, he is such a great actor! He has played so many, like, cool characters, like, he was all buff for The Departed and he was SO great in Catch Me If You Can! What did Kate Winslet do? I cannot even remember... Can you name one movie she was in? I surely can't...!"

Me thinking: "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, with Jim Carey (awesome movie!), Little Children, The Reader,...

Saleswoman: "Nah, I can't think of anything she did..."

We left without buying anything... I wonder why there are four clueless salespeople in that little tiny swatch shop anyway and hope they all watched the Golden Globes that night, where Kate Winslet got two awards!!! Oh, and Leo lost to Mikey Rourke...

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