10 January, 2009


We saw "The Seafarer" last night at the Steppenwolf Theater and I highly recommend that you see it if you can! It's all about the Irish, alcohol, christmas and how one struggles with his own demons. What you see is hardly what you get in this play and that makes for a very deep, entertaining and funny Christmas eve in Ireland!


  1. This sounds like a laugh, i'm a recovering alcoholic living in ireland, i did a project in college on the steppenwolf theatre, but never lucky enough to get there, maybe some day...I like your blog.

  2. well, thanks you!
    the play was very funny and we were wondering how many families live like this in ireland...?! it seemed to be very realistic. but the northern european countries drink a lot anyway... on my visits to sweden i would see old women carrying bags and bags full of alcohol out of the liquor stores... i'm not sure how they managed, but i'm sure they do this on a regular basis :)