21 January, 2009

Resolutions - where are though?

Although I wrote my list a couple of weeks ago, of what I'm going to work on in the new year, I have to admit that my 2009 is not going according to plan!

There we have:

1. YOGA: Well, the positive is, that in this year I went to more Yoga classes than in the last year! And if you put that in weeks (let's say, once a week, as planned), I'm good for all of January! Alright, I'm so kidding myself, but the quota is up! So, it will look good on paper :)

2. Forgive and let go: Hmmmmmmm, well, that was a much more difficult task and considering, that I had a pretty shitty time over the holidays, there was NO way I could've worked on that. So I'll have to take a couple of steps back and admit my failure. But nevertheless, I'll keep trying! Maybe I can start with shallow waters, before I get thrown into the deep end, alright, Universe?!

3. Don't keep everything: Thank goodness, all the Chili Bowls are not going into my own cupboards, but are being donated for charity! Otherwise, I'll keep a few selected pieces, to see where my progress is leading me!

4. Organize!: ALRIGHT! I made some progress here! I re-arranged a big part of my kitchen after I built some shelfs with drawers. Now I have exactly as much storage in the new kitchen, as I had in my old one! AND I even have some EMPTY drawers!

Conclusion: I'm a great organizer, without any discipline...???

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