10 January, 2009

One more thing that makes me happy:

Shopping is usually not on my favorites' list - especially when shopping for clothes I need to be in a special mood. Usually I run through all the stores and find absolutely NOTHING . My luck changes when I go shopping with my husband... Oh, and every woman envies me for my clothes-shopping-loving husband; he doesn't just sit there or even worse, spends most of his time in the electronic store and the food court, but he actually sits near the dressing room, ready to hand me clothes he would like to see on me, look for different sizes and tell me how cute this shirt is and how sexy that skirt is on me. I know, I know, your eyes are watering, your lips are twitching, but don't ask me if you can borrow him for a day or a week or so...

Today I went to Oilily downtown and my heart almost skipped a beat: 40% off everything! The stupid thing was that my hubby had decided to take a nap... and believe me, I called him TWICE to see if he was available, but no answer, to my total dismay... Oilily is just a Gods' sent to me and I remember driving all the way to Luxembourg city, an hour away from my home, when I was 10 or 11 to shop at the only Oilily store in a 100km radius!

I did good without him... I'm not saying how much I spent, but every girl should have 2 purses, 2 winter coats, 2 jeans dresses and of course assessories en masse, right?! RIGHT, hubby?!

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  1. I love that store..the colours on everything are just so much fun...I have been blessed with a husband like that as well...and believe me, I too know to appreciate this rare breed of men. They are unique and great! Yeah to our awesome guys!