15 January, 2009

New Bathroom

We had our bathroom re-done... It went from a traditional American white and oak interior to a chic and modern black shiny tiles on the walls, a stainless steel toilet, and a blue lit sink. The floor tiles are heated and the bottom of the shower is extra special, as well, because you cannot see the water going down (uh, mysterious shower!).

My problem with this whole "new" situation is, that now the contractors working on our basement; all big guys, that PROBABLY eat nothing but PORK and BACON (!!!) - show up half an hour early to do their "big business" before they start working... yep, in our NEW F*CKING BATHROOM!!! That of course means I CAN and WILL NOT USE IT!!! How dare they...!!!


  1. I bet they take off their shoes, turn on the floor heater and enjoy their feet and socks being warmed while taking a dump...lmao

  2. Yikes, that doesn't make it any better... LOL!